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Custom My Little Pony - Ruby the Vampire

This is Ruby. I made her for witharubycrown, of an original RP muse. She's a vampire, and a member of Blade's Deacon Frost's House, so she has his glyph on her hoof. My first corset pony, I really enjoyed making her. I can't remember exactly what colours she was rehaired with, but there's two different shades of blond, starlight, caramel and some red hair in the mix.


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Traditional Art - Art Nouveau Opossums

Watercolour and Ink.

Gino, Gina and Reek

I'm slowly building a Michael Jackson pony army...


Custom shoes - Theon Greyjoy

I made these shoes as a gift for Ro. They're based around her favourite character from Game of Thones/A Song of Ice and Fire, Theon Greyjoy.

They depict all the "words" relating to the character, the Greyjoy family crest, a kraken (who I'm so proud of!), and the castle on the island of Pyke. They are finished with laces to look like waves.


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Custom Shoes - Star shoes

I really love these shoes, they're simple yet very effective. They're made with a dry brushed purple glitter fabric paint and then lots of little stars in white fabric paint all over.

Ro thinks I should add a little TARDIS to the toe of one shoe... I think she's got a very good point! ♥


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Custom Shoes - The Boondock Saints

This is the third pair of Boondock Saints shoes that I've made, and my second request for this design of shoes! Very popular! The first two pairs can be found in this post here, but as I'm pleased with how my design on these shoes has improved with the practice I decided that I wanted to make a separate post for these ones.


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My Little Pony Custom - Peacock Pony

A peacock pony custom. Her mane has been rehaired with individual strands from Peacock tail feathers. There's at least 3 strands, all put in individually, in each plug hole. She took three full size feathers to rehair in total, and I don't even know how many hours....

When the light hits her the feathers glitter in green and gold.


I don't need you to ruffle the feathers of my Peacock SuitCollapse )

Ceramic painting - dog portraits

A month or so ago the apprentice at work bought a piece of glass painting that I'd made years ago as a gift for her mother. She loved it so much that she then asked if I would take a commission to paint a portrait of her two dogs, Dice and Blue, on a plate for her other half as an anniversary gift. I've never done ceramic painting before, but I'm all for trying new stuff so I agreed.

I finished it last weekend and this was the result:


I'm really pleased with it and she and her partner both love it too! I'm going to get a couple more plates and have further experiments with glass painting in the near future now ^_^

For reference, here's the photos of Blue and Dice that I worked fromCollapse )